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THE STORY OF Cajun Trading Company

Cajun Trading Company celebrates the fashion, food, and culture of a people that throughout the centuries have a history of not just overcoming, but thriving in the face of the challenges of life. Cajuns believe in the spirit of Fais Do Do (pronounced "fay-dough-dough") which means a dance party because life should be festive.


We live by the motto - CLAWS UP! It's a Louisiana version of seize the day, stay positive, be available for all that life may bring because more times than not, our outlook determines the outcome!

We also support the cause of conservation and wildlife education provided by the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Foundation. We are dedicated to helping the next generation to have the privilege and opportunity to see all of the amazing species that are native to the great state of Louisiana. 50% of the proceeds from all of the items on LAWFF's page on our site goes directly to support the financial burden of their many programs.

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